The "Little Flower" Novena

The "Little Flower" Novena

First Day

Confidence in God

"We can never have too much confidence in the good God who is so poweful and so merciful. We obtain from Him as much as we hope for."--"If you are nothing, do you forget that Jesus is everything? You have only to lose your nothingness in His Infinity and think only of loving Him." (Concluding Prayer to be said every day.)


Second Day


"The only grace I ask, O Jesus is never to offend you.--By love and not by fear, does a soul avoid committing the least fault. Yes, even if I have on my conscience every possible crime, I should lose none of my confidence; my heart breaking with sorrow, I should go and throw myself into the arms of my Savior.--The remembrance of my faults humbles me and makes me afraid to rely on my own strength, which is nothing but weakness." (Recite Concluding Prayer)

Third Day

The Use of God's Gifts

"How much benefit have I received from the beauties of nature, bestowed in such abundance. How they raise me to Him who placed such wonders in this land of exile which is only to last a day.--O sparkling nature, if I did not see God in you, you would be naught but a great tomb. With your little hand, which caresses Mary, You sustain the universe and bestow life; and You think of me, O Jesus my little King." (Concluding Prayer)

Fourth Day

Abondonment to God

"I fear only one thing---to keep my own will; take it, my God, for I choose all that You choose, The only happiness here below is to strive to be always content with what Jesus gives us.--I can demand nothing with fervor, except the perfect accomplishment of God's will in my soul. O my Beloved, I offer myself to You, that You may perfectly accomplish in me Your holy designs, and I will not allow anything created to be an obstacle in their path." (Concluding Prayer)

Fifth Day

Patience in Suffering

"I do not fear trials sent by Jesus, for even in the most bitter suffering we can see His Loving hand. When we are expecting nothing but suffering, we are quite surprised at the least joy; but then suffering itself becomes the greatest of joys when we seek it as precious treasure. Far from resembling those beautiful saints who practiced all sorts of austerities from childhood, my penance consisted in breaking my self-will, in keeping back a sharp reply, in doing little kindnesses to those about me, but considering these deeds as nothing." (Concluding Prayer)

Sixth Day

Zeal for Souls

"Let us work together for the salvation of souls. We have only the day of this life to save souls and to give them to the Lord as proofs of our love.---I cannot perform brilliant works; I cannot preach the Gospel or shed my blood. But what matter? My brothers work in place of me, and I a little child, keep very close to the royal throne.--I love for those who are carrying on warfare. My deeds, my little suffering, can make God loved all over the world." (Concluding Prayer)

Seventh Day

Love of God

"I will love God alone. What attracts me to the kingdom of Heaven is the call of our Lord, the hope of loving Him as I have so desired and the thought that I shall be able to make Him loved my a great number of souls who will bless Him forever.  When Christ said, 'Give Me a Drink' it was the love of his poor creatures that He, the Creator of all things, desired. He thirsted for love.  Remember that the dear Jesus is there in the tabernacle expressly for you, for you alone. Remember that He is consumed with a desire to come into your heart." (Concluding Prayer)

Eighth Day


"It says in the catechism that death is nothing but the separation of the soul and body. Well, I have no fear of separation which will unite me forever with the good God.  I am happy to die because I shall be able to help souls who are dear to me, far more than I can here below. Life is not sad; it is very joyous. If you say, 'This exile is sad', I understand you. We are wrong to give the name 'life' to something which will end; it is only to the things of Heaven that we should apply this beautiful name." (Concluding Prayer)

Ninth Day

The Mission of the Little Flower

"I do not intend to remain inactive in Heaven. I want to work for the Church for souls. I have asked this of God and I am certain that He will grant my request. I will spend my Heaven doing good upon earth. This is not impossible, since the angels though always enjoying the beatific vision, watch over us. No, I cannot be at rest until the end of the world." (Concluding Prayer)


O Lord, You have said: Unless you become as little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven; grant us, we beg You, so to follow, in humility and simplicity of heart, the footsteps of St. Therese, that we may attain to an everlasting reward. May she intercede for us all the days of our life, but especially during this Novena and obtain for us from God the graces and favors we ask through her intercession.     Amen

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, St Therese Pray for us, That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


A Novena is a nine days' private or public devotion in the Catholic Church to obtain special graces. Traditionally, the nine day period that the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary spent in prayer and preparation between the Ascension of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday is considered to the the inspiration and model for all novenas.

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